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How Planting Trees Impacts the Environment

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Living through a pandemic, trying our best to stay afloat during turbulent times in the economy, and watching many political movements take place across the globe. However, one problem that’s long existed is environmental sustainability.  With that in mind, we’re sharing how planting trees impacts […]

Pest-Resistant Trees

If you’re in the process of picking out a new tree or two for your yard, you might be worrying about how to protect your choices from harmful and undetectable pests. The last thing you want is for one of your beautiful trees to fall victim to hungry bugs and also put your other plants […]

Fun and Harmless Ways to Decorate Your Trees

Trees are beautiful. From their shining green leaves to the stunning flowers or fruit they produce, there’s nothing as great as a tree to decorate your landscape. But, if you’re hoping to really make your yard pop, you can take the embellishing of your property a step further by sprucing up your trees with accessories. […]

How Weather Can Impact Your Tree Removal

When it comes to getting a tree removed, lots of planning and logistics are involved. That all starts with reaching out to a professional like Premier Tree Solutions to assess your tree and your property for removal.  A less commonly understood step, is assessing weather conditions on the day you’ve selected to have a tree […]