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What Wood Is Best for Fires?

With colder temperatures in the air, there’s nothing better than warming yourself up and getting cozy next to a crackling fire. Whether you’re enjoying a backyard bonfire or cuddling up on the couch by your fireplace, the most important element of a good fire is the wood that is used to create it! Unfortunately, the […]

How to Plan for Fall and Winter Tree Care

We’ve made it through another hot summer season in the south! But the cold weather is coming quickly, which means it’s time for a different plant care plan. While watering over dried soil was the main focus throughout summer, now it’s time to get ready to protect your soil and roots from damaging cold temperatures.  […]

Understanding the Different Types of Soil

Whether you’re looking at new plants to buy or looking at homes and the yards they rest on, chances are soil has come up in your research. That’s because understanding soil means giving your trees, bushes, flowers, plants, and garden the best chance at thriving under your care.  If you don’t know the different types […]

Trees That Produce the Best Shade

During a hot, summer day there’s nothing better than hiding from the intense sun underneath a tree. If you dream of lounging outside while swinging on a hammock or enjoying a picnic, finding trees and shrubs that provide large amounts of shade is essential, especially if you live in the south where the heat can […]