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Premier Tree Solutions Experts Featured on WSB Radio’s “Green and Growing” Program

Premier Tree Solutions Founder, Jeff Roth, and Arborist, Rafael Santiago, had the pleasure of being recent guests on 95.5 WSB Radio’s “Green and Growing” program hosted by Ashley Frassca. The two will be regular guests moving forward, joining the program to discuss the art of arboriculture, landscaping, and all things tree care. Tune into 95.5 […]

How Trees Help Us Keep Cool

Though this summer’s heat dome in the Pacfic Northwest came as a surprise, in a great deal of the United States — especially here in the Southeast — the rising temperatures and increased humidity during the summer months drive pretty much anyone in search of cooler climes. On some days, even just a shady spot […]

Be a Georgia Tree Know-It-All: American Yellowwood

Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state, with past features including the Callaway Crabapple, Green Ash, and Ogeechee Lime Tree.  For the month of June, we are showcasing this fetching tree with […]

Prepare Your Yard and Trees for Summer Heat

The Southeast often enjoys relatively temperate weather in May and June, but we all know that when July and August roll around, it’s gonna get hot in here. Since your landscaping doesn’t have the option of sipping iced tea on a shady porch, or plunging into a room blessed with arctic air conditioning, here are […]

How Droughts Can Affect Your Trees

Though the April U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook report from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center doesn’t forecast much drought in the Southeast this summer, it’s something we should all remain prepared for. The National Integrated Drought Information System asserts that “Drought’s consequences are far-reaching, impacting water quality, public health, the economy, the natural environment, […]

Flowering Trees to Plant and Enjoy Next Spring

Was it just us? Or did it seem like an unusually beautiful spring this year? Perhaps it’s simply because so many of us were finally able to emerge from a winter of seclusion and social distancing, but we noticed exceptionally gorgeous weather — and blossoms — all around. So as the pollen clears and the […]

Trees That Actually Make Great House Plants

While few of us are able to live in a treehouse, so long as you have the height and space, your home can be a great place for a variety of trees. According to a 2020 Healthline article, there’s even science-backed evidence that growing trees indoors could be good for your health! So we wanted […]