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Rake It Off: Why You Need to Rake Regularly

When autumn is upon us, that means it’s time for beautiful leaves to fall and decorate the ground. The bright yellows, reds, and oranges are fun to look at, but they are less fun to rake up if they’re littering your yard. You may be tempted to stop and think through whether or not you […]

What’s a Tree Ordinance?

Tree ordinances are used to protect and manage the trees in a local community. First created by William Penn during the colonial era to defend trees being cut down, the number of tree ordinances have grown exceptionally in the passing years. These laws, or exceptions to the laws, are created to handle issues such as […]


Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state. This month, we are showcasing the Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana L.). Learn all about the Persimmon below!                   […]

Say No to the Bradford Pear Tree

Chances are you’ve seen a Bradford Pear Tree before. These trees are known for their beautiful white flowers, but they’re also known for their unappealing smell when they’re blooming. They’re also especially common in the South. However, in addition to having foul-smelling flowers, this tree has several dangerous and damaging qualities. If you have a […]

Take a Bite Out of Tree Removal with JAWS!

If you have a tree in your yard or at your business that needs to be removed, you’re probably aware of how big a pain it can be to go through that process. It’s expensive and a dangerous task to complete, but you need to remove the tree either for safety or cosmetic reasons. That’s […]

First-Aid Kit: How to Treat an Injured Tree

There’s a handful of ways a tree can be damaged during their lives on this earth. Bad storms, human equipment, bugs, and fire are just a few of the most common reasons trees might find themselves with injuries. The good news is that, whether it’s a fallen branch or a gash on the trunk, once […]

Today’s Lesson: Tree Removal 101

If you have a lot of trees in your house, then it’s a high probability that one day you’ll walk outside and notice that you might need to consider tree removal. Maybe you can see some of its branches are threatening to fall on top of your house, or maybe you can tell the tree […]