Ah-choose Premier Tree: Why Proper Tree Trimming can Reduce Allergy Effects

There are many ways to go about treating your allergies. From medications to making sure your home is well-dusted, both strategies are sure to reduce your symptoms. Another great way to help your allergies is to make sure you take advantage of proper tree trimming. Yes, you read that right. Proper tree trimming can, in fact, help reduce allergy effects.

Understanding how tree trimming can reduce allergy effects.

There are many types of allergens produced by trees and flowers. This is why your allergies probably tend to be a bit worse when you are outdoors. But just because allergies are worse outside doesn’t mean you have stay inside all year. Instead, you can keep the area around your home less prone to make you sneeze and cough by trimming the trees properly. Keeping your trees trimmed properly means you will want to trim off parts that produce pollen. Ideally, you will want to do this in late winter or early spring. When new growth appears on the trees, you can trim them as needed to further reduce pollen production, which of course, will reduce their allergy effects.

How else does tree trimming reduce allergy effects?

In addition to reducing pollen production, proper tree trimming is a great way to enhance vegetation control, meaning you are trimming the trees with the intention of keeping them out of the way of:

  • Outdoor areas with heavy traffic
  • Walkways
  • Doors
  • Patios

In doing this, you are lessening the chances that you will rub oil off one of the trees or bushes onto your skin, which can often lead to a rash and itching.

Other tips for reducing allergy effects in your yard.

When mowing your lawn, you should always mow low. The more you keep it trimmed and the lower you can mow — about two inches — the better the reduction of allergy effects. If you have severe allergies, you will want someone else to do the mowing and tree trimming for you. Lastly, if you are going to tackle trimming and mowing, make sure you do it on a day that isn’t particularly hot and dry. The hotter and drier the day is, the more pollen there will be in the air.

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