Attention Customers: Imposter Organization Using Premier Tree Solutions’ Name on Facebook

Recently, an unregistered and unaffiliated brand has been conducting business under our name via Facebook. If you encounter this company or are unsure if you’re dealing with us, here are some things to look out for:

While they may have copied our name, our quality and integrity can never be imitated.

Please be cautious when selecting a company for your tree care services and do your research to ensure it’s the company you intended to work with. Our services involve complex and potentially dangerous situations if not handled by a certified team. 

Our certified arborists can help you with any needed tree care or removal services. You can get in direct contact with us through our contact page or by calling 404-252-6448.

Owner of Premier Tree Solutions Jeff Roth Appeared on Lenz on Business

Jeff joined radio show host Jon Waterhouse on Lenz on Business to talk about his entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of diversification, the secret to employee dynamics, and more.

A US Navy veteran, Jeff moved out of the Armed Forces and into the nightclub business, eventually owning venues in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida.

After stepping away from the bar world, Jeff began chopping his way into the tree service industry.

For more than a decade, he’s been the owner and operator of Premier Tree Services, which provides professional tree services to metro Atlanta clients. These services range from tree removal and trimming to storm damage, stump grinding, and crane work.

Listen to the entire episode to learn more about Jeff’s entrepreneurial story.

At Premier Tree Solutions, we’re here to service all and any tree service needs you may have. Whether you’re seeking removal for an at-risk tree or pruning services to help your trees stay safe and beautiful, you can trust and turn to our specialists. To request an estimate, call (404) 353-6448 or reach out to us online.

A Breath of Fresh Air: How Trees Can Help You Have a Healthier New Year

If you’re focusing on your health in the new year, you’re not alone. Being healthier overall was the most common resolution for Americans going into 2022. As you prepare for a year of wellness, one unexpected aid can be found in trees. Here’s how you can use trees for a healthier 2023.

How Trees Can Boost Your Health in 2023

Promote Better Air Quality

Trees remove particulate matter, or the pollution that can damage our lungs. Their leaves filter pollution, releasing cleaner air and helping to control respiratory conditions like asthma. Since particulate matter is highest in large cities and near factories, if you live in those areas aim to spend more time in nature throughout the year to help offset the effects of pollution.

Shield You from Heat & Sun

Although the long, hot days of summer may be far from your mind right now, you can still plan ways to stay healthy all year by thinking ahead. If you enjoy outdoor activities during the warmer weather, make a point to take breaks under a shady tree when you can. By absorbing or reflecting back 70-90% of sunlight’s energy, trees help prevent skin cancer while also reducing heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Support Mental Health

Being among the trees can be an instant stress-buster. They help control sounds, literally quieting distractions so you can practice inner reflection. Spending time in natural areas populated with trees has also been shown to control depression and boost energy. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, head to a local trail or tree-lined pathway to clear your head.

Offer Sustenance

You may already know that some of your favorite fruits and nuts come from trees. But while you may be able to find these products at a local grocery store or market, several populations around the world have relied on the fruit and nuts from local trees as sustenance when other food sources are scarce. Along with other wholesome foods, a diet rich in fruit can help you stay healthy by lowering the risk of serious diseases through a variety of important nutrients.

In 2023, consider making it your goal to enjoy fruits from local trees. Support nearby farmers by purchasing from them directly, which also ensures your produce will be fresher and create less of an environmental impact to reach your plate. Planting fruit trees in your own yard may be both fun and beneficial, since it doesn’t get more local than that!

Encourage Sustainability

The positive environmental impact of a young tree may take years to come to fruition, but there are many ways planting new trees can promote sustainability for a healthier world into the future. Trees store carbon and release fresh oxygen into the air, helping to curb climate change. They also increase atmospheric moisture to aid in water conservation, control pollution by reducing runoff, and prevent soil erosion. Consider doing a favor for your future self and generations to come by planting more trees and doing what you can to care for the trees you already have.

For assistance caring for your trees, turn to Premier Tree Solutions. From pruning to removal, our tree experts can oversee all aspects of tree maintenance, leaving you time to focus on all the goals you’ve set for 2023 and beyond. Request an estimate by calling 404-252-6448 or by contacting us online.

Prune in the New Year: How Trimming Can Give Your Trees a Fresh Start

Winter may not be the first season that comes to mind when you think of tending to landscape. Yet, for your trees, it could be an important time to provide a fresh start with some pruning. Here’s everything you need to know about the best time of year for pruning and how it can benefit your trees.

Why Prune Your Trees?

Tree pruning is much more than shaping leaves and branches to look a certain way. Pruning can be done on virtually any plant, and involves the strategic removal of stems and branches. While aesthetics can certainly factor into your pruning goals, there are also other important reasons to prune trees:

  • Maintain the tree’s health: By removing dead, injured, or diseased branches, you’ll eliminate any weak spots so other areas can thrive. You’ll also help to keep invasive pests at bay.
  • Control the plant’s size and density: Pruning prevents trees from becoming too large or cumbersome. Plus, pruning at-risk branches which have become decayed or obstructive to nearby structures will also help to protect people and property.
  • Encourage future flowering: Pruning can be done strategically to maximize the production of fruits and flowers in the coming season. Typically, professionals will prune the tree so there’s more room for growth at the canopy, which can allow for greater light penetration and flower formation.
  • Rejuvenate older or overgrown trees: Here’s where you can give new life to trees that may have gone a bit neglected. Pruning can give overgrown trees enough space and resources to produce new, hearty growth, enabling them to thrive once again.

When Is the Best Time for Pruning?

The best time of year to prune your trees and shrubs will depend on their type. In most cases, the winter season when growth slows or stops completely, and before the springtime bloom is ideal.

For deciduous trees such as maples and beeches, late winter, including February and March, is the best time to prune. With no new foliage to work around, tree specialists have a clear view of the tree so they can remove branches as needed. Oaks, however, should be pruned even earlier, around December or January.

Fruit trees, too, should be pruned during a period of dormancy. Because pruning can make trees more vulnerable to freeze damage, it should be done late enough in winter that any risk of extreme cold has subsided.

Most evergreen trees, including spruce, pine, and fir, require very little pruning. You may still want to remove dead, low-hanging branches, however. These can be pruned in late winter, although it’s usually possible to remove branches any time of year without risking damage to evergreens. If you’re seeking denser growth, the shoots of evergreen trees such as spruce and firs can be pruned in early spring.

Pruning larger trees is an activity best left to the professionals, but even the experienced yard enthusiast may need some tips. Allow our expert team to remove any dead branches safely and effectively this season so your trees can thrive through the rest of the year. Schedule an appointment by calling 404-252-6448 or by contacting us online.