Treat Your Trees to Perfect Placement

When deciding which trees best suit your home and garden, there are multiple factors to consider. Below we’ll walk through a few of the most important to help you ensure that your trees are happy now and for years to come.

Hardiness Zone

For one thing, you have to make sure those trees will grow in your climate. You can check this by looking at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine which zone you live in, then buying trees that will thrive there. If you’re not sure what a tree’s USDA hardiness zone is, you can look the information up using the Missouri Botanical Garden website. For instance, the Chinese dogwood grows to between 20 and 30 feet and thrives in the Georgian climate.


It’s also crucial you determine the final height of a tree before planting. Many people put in trees that look good when they’re young, only to discover later that they’re too big for the space … sometimes long before they reach their full height. Take the tulip poplar, which is a gorgeous tree with giant lime-orange flowers in spring. While it’s beautiful, you can’t plant it just anywhere, as it can grow to more than 100 feet! Talk about tree trouble.

Rate of Growth

If you’re trying to dress up a commercial property or home before a sale or grand opening, sometimes you need a quick-growing tree. Sycamores grow quickly to 80-100 feet and provide lovely shade, while sweetbay magnolias offer beautiful cream-colored blooms in springtime.


Though typically less a consideration than height, width is also important. Some trees stay short, but grow with considerable sideways branching. Consider a Japanese maple, for instance, or a crabapple tree. Both are beautiful, but if they extend into the house or walkway, they may be more of a pain than it’s worth. Always keep in mind that some trees litter, too, so if their branches are over trafficked spaces they may become seriously annoying.

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Leaf Us Alone! Tree Pests and Diseases to Watch for This Spring

No one wants to spend a bunch of time caring for and loving a tree, only to discover pests have compromised it. Boo, pests! Yay, solid tree care and minimizing disease!

In general, you can minimize diseases on plants by inspecting roots before planting nursery specimens, cutting off dead or diseased branches or foliage as soon as you notice them with properly disinfected pruning tools, and calling in experts to help you diagnose tree trouble.

It also helps, however, to know what to watch out for. Below are few of the most common problems.

Root Rot

Rot is usually the result of fungi that prey upon overwatered trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. If you think plants might be rotting, check for withered, brown or slimy roots. To avoid rot, plant trees in well-draining soil and pay close attention to watering instructions. If you notice a lot of standing water around trees or shrubs, you might consider moving the trees or working mulch or leaf litter into the soil for drainage.


Whitish, fuzzy patches of mildew are usually the result of overwatering or allowing leaves to get wet. Keep water to the roots of the tree and away from the leaves, and remove diseased leaves when you find them.

Spots and Rusts

If your trees are displaying round brown spots or speckled patches, they could be suffering from spots or rusts. These are also generally caused by fungus, and can mean the death of the plant in series situations. The best response is simply removing affected leaves or, if damage is extensive, entire plants.


Holes, tears and boring in bark are all signs of insects. If you find these, you may need to call in experts to help you get rid of them.

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