Summer Days & Blooms: Trees that Bloom in the Summer in Georgia

Most people think of spring when they think about flowers, but summertime is actually one of the best seasons to enjoy blooming trees, too. Not only do trees provide much-needed shade during the heat of the summer in the South, but they can also produce stunning and wonderfully smelling flowers.

If you’re thinking about planting trees that have flowers during the summer and aren’t sure which will be the best in your yard, check out this list of the best trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

American Snowbell

A photo of the American Snowbell tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

If you’re looking for a smaller tree or something similar to a shrub, the American Snowbell may be the pick for you. Also known as the Storax or the Mock Orange, these trees only grow to be about eight to 15 feet tall. But that doesn’t mean they don’t produce gorgeous flowers. Their bell-shaped white blooms will have your entire yard smelling divine.

Black Cherry

A photo of a Black Cherry tree with a bird in the branches, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

While Black Cherry trees technically bloom flowers in the springtime, they don’t disappoint during the summer either. After spring, their gorgeous white flowers produce small, black cherries that are a great food source for birds and other wildlife. If you like the idea of helping feed critters while also enjoying the flowers and cherries yourself, then pick the Black Cherry for your yard.

Crepe Myrtle

A photo of a bloom on a crepe myrtle tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

Crepe Myrtles are a favorite tree in the South. Their summer-blooming flowers are gorgeous and light up any yard, plus they also have gorgeous colored fall leaves and very lovely bark. That means this tree won’t just look good during the summer but also year long. You even have options with this particular species of trees thanks to their three types: Japanese Crepe Myrtle, Indica Crepe Myrtle, and Queen’s Crepe Myrtle.


A photo of a Jacaranda tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

Often described as a tree from a fairy tale, the lavender colored flowers of the Jarcaranda tree will grab anyone’s attention. The good news is they thrive in southern environments. While their flowers start to bloom in late spring, the flowers last all the way through June. If having something whimsical during the summertime is your cup of tea, choose this tree.


A photo of the Magnolia Tree flower blossom, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

When you think of flowers in the south, chances are you’re conjuring up images of the Magnolia Tree. Those big white flowers are recognizable from anywhere, plus the smell they produce is a favorite of most people who were raised or live here. There are certain species of the tree that bloom just in the summertime, so major sure to grab that type, like the Magnolia Grandiflora or the Sweetbay Magnolia, if you want blooms only during that season.

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Stormy Waters? We Can Help: Stormwater Pond Clearing

When you think of a pond, you probably think of ducks, fish, and parks. However, a stormwater pond, also known as a retention pond, is different from a duck pond. It is a functional pond—one that collects rain from storm drains and runoff to keep roads and parking lots from flooding during heavy rains. As such, problems with stormwater ponds are NOT a day at the beach.

Learn about how these ponds can become clogged and what Premier Tree Solutions can to do help.

What is a Stormwater Pond?

These stormwater retention ponds are an excellent tool that property owners have in controlling the flow of rainwater. But, over time, they fill up with overgrown weeds, litter, and sediment. When this buildup of sediment and overgrowth occurs, the pond is not able to fulfill its job of collecting rain runoff.

In Georgia, stormwater retention ponds have a vital role in the environment to prevent flooding and erosion. Plus, stormwater ponds improve the water quality in canals and creeks that feed into rivers. Because of this, keeping a stormwater retention pond draining and flowing properly is a very important task. With populations rising, aquatic weed and litter management needs to be addressed to reduce the impact these can have on the state’s natural resources and overall beauty.

What Happens when a Stormwater Pond is Overgrown?

An overgrown retention pond can be a huge eyesore, causing your property to lose value or simply have an unappealing feel to it. However, there are more problems than just the aesthetics of an overgrown pond. When trash and overgrowth collects, excess water may not be able to drain safely into it, which can cause floods or damage to roadways and parking lots.

Finally, a neglected stormwater pond is a breeding ground for the types of creatures you do not want to attract—snakes, rodents and, especially, mosquitos. A clean retention pond is less appealing to these pests.

How to do Stormwater Pond Clearing

Premier Tree Solutions has the expertise that offers professional stormwater pond clearing, vegetation management, and other related services. To do this, we follow a few essential steps.

  1. We assess the pond to determine the aquatic weed and plant removal needs of the area.
  2. We look at specific environmentally safe ways to control growth.
  3. We work to safely remove debris, sediment, and trash to return the pond to its fully-functioning state.

If you are interested in learning more about our stormwater pond clearing services, reach out to our team today to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The team at Premier Tree Solutions will be ready to help you get your pond functioning as-intended once again.


Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state. This month, we are showcasing the slash pine (Pinus elliottii). Learn all about the slash pine below!




















































Bring Me a Shrubbery: Best Shrubs for Georgia Soil

Whether you have a small green area next to your patio or a yard that stretches for acres, shrubs are a great addition to your outdoor space. When planted in the right spot, they bring in huge energy savings as well as seasonal beauty and a home for wildlife. On top of that, when you plant new shrubs, you’re doing your part to make our environment healthier — going green, both literally and figuratively.

However, not every shrub will grow successfully in every location. The experts at Premier Tree Solutions have put together some simple tips and advice for choosing the best shrubs for Georgia soil.

What Shrubs Should I Consider for my Georgia Home?

The good news is that there are countless options for you to consider. The University of Georgia has an extensive list of all of the best landscaping plants for Georgia, including shrubs of many sizes. The bad news is that this long list can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know which ones will be best for your yard?

We’re breaking down the biggest things that will impact the health of your yard and your shrubs now.

USDA Hardiness Zones

Hardiness zones are geographic areas that are defined by their range of climates and conditions that directly affect plant growth and survival, so it’s extremely important to uncover what your soil’s hardiness zone is.

The USDA has created a chart to help gardeners understand what plants grow best in what area. Most of Georgia is considered to be in zones 7 or 8.

Keep Your Yard Green All Year Long

Several of the best shrubs for Georgia soil have green leaves throughout much of the year. While some bloom for a short time in spring and/or summer, they keep that appealing “live” look all year round. When picking out a shrub for your yard, you’ll want to pick something that will stay alive and green all year long, like an evergreen.

Think About the Butterflies

Some of the best shrubs for Georgia soil happen to be especially appealing for butterflies! Consider the Caprifoliaceae, for instance. This is a beautiful shrub that remains evergreen in south Georgia, though it may only be semi-evergreen in the northern reaches. This shrub has funnel-shaped flowers that bloom from early summer through the first frost of autumn. Those flowers, also called honeysuckles, are famous in the South for their sweet taste.

If you want a shrub that will attract more wildlife, aim for something like the Caprifoliaceae. Doing your research beforehand will inform you what creatures are attracted to what shrubs.

Shaded Areas Need Shrubbery Too

In Georgia, shade is a common sight and extremely important. Those gorgeous and towering pine and oak trees do great work protecting us from the harsh southern sun and heat. But, if you’re worried about your shrub not getting enough sun thanks to the natural shade in your yard, there is an easy solution for that.

Pick a shade shrub that can flourish in the shade! The anise is a great choice, creating a bright spot in a shaded area.

Winter Beauty

Even though Georgia stays in the heat longer than the cold, our winter months can be harsh and brutal for outdoor plants. But that doesn’t mean you want your yard to be bare during that time of year. To fix that issue, consider a shrub that flourishes in winter such as the holly bush. Most holly bushes are evergreen and the red berries really stand out in the winter months.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when choosing the best shrubbery that works well in Georgia’s climate and soil. If you have any questions or would like to talk to an expert about to care for your shrubs, reach out to us at Premier Tree Solutions by calling 404-252-6448. We look forward to helping you create an outdoor space that feels like home!

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiam: How to Boost Your Overall Curb Appeal

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but who really listens to that advice anyway? That is certainly true when it comes to houses. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just want to be the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way), it’s a great idea to focus on how to boost your overall curb appeal. If you’re wondering what curb appeal is, this term is defined as “the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.”

If you know your house’s curb appeal could use some help, it can be a daunting task if you have no idea where to start. The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to help you tackle the task!

Keep reading below for the top ways you can boost your overall curb appeal without draining your wallet or your free time.

Love Your Lawn


No matter how beautiful the outside of your house is, an unkempt lawn will immediately scare away new buyers or have neighbors turn up their noses. In some neighborhoods, it’s a requirement by the Home Owner’s Association to make sure everything is neat. The good news is that, as long as you keep up with the care, you won’t have to spend an enormous amount of time or money to have a beautiful lawn.

Just do the obvious things: cut the grass, trim the edges and bushes, water everything well, and banish the dead leaves or weeds.

Play With your Landscaping

If you have a bare or boring yard, consider adding value to it by picking up flowers, bushes, and trees to make it sparkle. Not sure what to look for or where to start? The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to help!

Time for a Bath

You can tell when it’s time to grab a power wash and give your house a much-needed washing. All that built up grime on the surface of your house, sidewalks, and porch doesn’t have any place on your updated curb appeal. Not only does doing this make the outside of your house actually gleam, but it’s also pretty fun to do.

Finish Those Repairs

Is there a ripped screen in front of one of your windows? What about a light bulb out in the lighting for your porch? Chipped paint somewhere? Those tiny flaws can really stand out to someone putting your house under scrutiny. Don’t give them something to complain about, especially something that is extremely easy to fix. Write a to-do list and get to it!

Outdoor Furniture is a Balance

As much as you don’t want a naked front porch, you also don’t want to overcrowd it or put a lot of junk out there. Consider your space available, colors of your house, and other decorations before picking your outdoor furniture.

Set the Mood With Lighting

You want your house to look smart and feel safe, especially at night time. The perfect way to do that is by picking out the lighting that not only is efficient but also boosts the curb appeal of your house.

To do just that, make sure to do the following:

  • Have all dark areas lit up. Common areas include the sides of the back of your yard. Consider making it a movement sensitive light, so you are never in the dark when trying to get out of your car to the front door.
  • Line your pathways with lights to make walking less dangerous in the dark.
  • Do the extra step and put something decorative out to really add extra sparkle and warmth. Bulb lights around your porch are a fantastic example.

Small Steps Make a Big Difference

Here are some of the smallest, cheapest DIYs you can do to your house that will make a huge impact on your overall curb appeal:

  • Replace old and rusted house numbers with something new and shiny.
  • Dress up your doors with seasonal wreaths.
  • Speaking of doors, consider changing the color of your front one for something bright and fun. When picking an option, make sure to consider the current color scheme of your house.
  • If your mailbox is out of date and damaged, consider swapping it out with something affordable but stylish.
  • Is the color of your garage door really faded? Instead of spending a lot of money to replace it, consider staining or painting it a new color to make it pop.

Premier Tree Solutions has been providing quality, professional tree services to the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas for the past ten years. If you have any more questions about how we can assist you to boost your overall curb appeal, especially when it comes to sprucing up the beautiful trees on your property, pick up the phone and call 404.252.6448.


Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state. This month, we are showcasing the Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus). Learn all about the Eastern white pine below!























































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