A photo of multiple trees of crepe myrtles, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

Summer Days & Blooms: Trees that Bloom in the Summer in Georgia

Most people think of spring when they think about flowers, but summertime is actually one of the best seasons to enjoy blooming trees, too. Not only do trees provide much-needed shade during the heat of the summer in the South, but they can also produce stunning and wonderfully smelling flowers.

If you’re thinking about planting trees that have flowers during the summer and aren’t sure which will be the best in your yard, check out this list of the best trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

American Snowbell

A photo of the American Snowbell tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

If you’re looking for a smaller tree or something similar to a shrub, the American Snowbell may be the pick for you. Also known as the Storax or the Mock Orange, these trees only grow to be about eight to 15 feet tall. But that doesn’t mean they don’t produce gorgeous flowers. Their bell-shaped white blooms will have your entire yard smelling divine.

Black Cherry

A photo of a Black Cherry tree with a bird in the branches, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

While Black Cherry trees technically bloom flowers in the springtime, they don’t disappoint during the summer either. After spring, their gorgeous white flowers produce small, black cherries that are a great food source for birds and other wildlife. If you like the idea of helping feed critters while also enjoying the flowers and cherries yourself, then pick the Black Cherry for your yard.

Crepe Myrtle

A photo of a bloom on a crepe myrtle tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

Crepe Myrtles are a favorite tree in the South. Their summer-blooming flowers are gorgeous and light up any yard, plus they also have gorgeous colored fall leaves and very lovely bark. That means this tree won’t just look good during the summer but also year long. You even have options with this particular species of trees thanks to their three types: Japanese Crepe Myrtle, Indica Crepe Myrtle, and Queen’s Crepe Myrtle.


A photo of a Jacaranda tree, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

Often described as a tree from a fairy tale, the lavender colored flowers of the Jarcaranda tree will grab anyone’s attention. The good news is they thrive in southern environments. While their flowers start to bloom in late spring, the flowers last all the way through June. If having something whimsical during the summertime is your cup of tea, choose this tree.


A photo of the Magnolia Tree flower blossom, one of the trees that bloom in the summer in Georgia.

When you think of flowers in the south, chances are you’re conjuring up images of the Magnolia Tree. Those big white flowers are recognizable from anywhere, plus the smell they produce is a favorite of most people who were raised or live here. There are certain species of the tree that bloom just in the summertime, so major sure to grab that type, like the Magnolia Grandiflora or the Sweetbay Magnolia, if you want blooms only during that season.

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