A photo of a storm water pond, not needing storm drain pond clearing.

Stormy Waters? We Can Help: Stormwater Pond Clearing

When you think of a pond, you probably think of ducks, fish, and parks. However, a stormwater pond, also known as a retention pond, is different from a duck pond. It is a functional pond—one that collects rain from storm drains and runoff to keep roads and parking lots from flooding during heavy rains. As such, problems with stormwater ponds are NOT a day at the beach.

Learn about how these ponds can become clogged and what Premier Tree Solutions can to do help.

What is a Stormwater Pond?

These stormwater retention ponds are an excellent tool that property owners have in controlling the flow of rainwater. But, over time, they fill up with overgrown weeds, litter, and sediment. When this buildup of sediment and overgrowth occurs, the pond is not able to fulfill its job of collecting rain runoff.

In Georgia, stormwater retention ponds have a vital role in the environment to prevent flooding and erosion. Plus, stormwater ponds improve the water quality in canals and creeks that feed into rivers. Because of this, keeping a stormwater retention pond draining and flowing properly is a very important task. With populations rising, aquatic weed and litter management needs to be addressed to reduce the impact these can have on the state’s natural resources and overall beauty.

What Happens when a Stormwater Pond is Overgrown?

An overgrown retention pond can be a huge eyesore, causing your property to lose value or simply have an unappealing feel to it. However, there are more problems than just the aesthetics of an overgrown pond. When trash and overgrowth collects, excess water may not be able to drain safely into it, which can cause floods or damage to roadways and parking lots.

Finally, a neglected stormwater pond is a breeding ground for the types of creatures you do not want to attract—snakes, rodents and, especially, mosquitos. A clean retention pond is less appealing to these pests.

How to do Stormwater Pond Clearing

Premier Tree Solutions has the expertise that offers professional stormwater pond clearing, vegetation management, and other related services. To do this, we follow a few essential steps.

  1. We assess the pond to determine the aquatic weed and plant removal needs of the area.
  2. We look at specific environmentally safe ways to control growth.
  3. We work to safely remove debris, sediment, and trash to return the pond to its fully-functioning state.

If you are interested in learning more about our stormwater pond clearing services, reach out to our team today to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The team at Premier Tree Solutions will be ready to help you get your pond functioning as-intended once again.