Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state. This month, we are showcasing the Two-Winged Silverbell Tree (Halesia diptera). Learn all about the Two-Winged Silverbell Tree below!

Infographic of Two-Winged Silverbell Tree

Summer Storms Got Ya Down? We’ve Storm Cleanup Services

When people think of summer, they usually think of sunshine and time spent by the pool. However, summertime is also the season for thunderstorms, especially if you live in the south where in a matter of minutes storm clouds can take over. Sometimes, this means a nice, gentle afternoon shower to cool things off. Other times, it’s a fierce storm that does a lot of damage, particularly to your trees.

That’s where our experts are proud to step in. After a particularly bad storm, our company will step in and clean up any leftover debris from a nasty thunderstorm or, even worse, tornado or hurricane. But what exactly does that mean? We’re explaining our storm cleanup services below and how we can clean up any messes that mother nature might produce on your property.

How Premier Tree Cleans Up Storms

When violent storms or tornadoes rip through your property, we show up ready to work. Our services cover a large variety of cleaning options. Whether you have a tree that’s fallen over and needs to be removed, or you just have a large amount of branches and leaves strewn about, we do it all. Our expert team will arrive and pick up all debris for you, without you having to get your hands dirty.

Especially when it comes to removing uprooted trees, you need someone you can trust to ensure the process doesn’t do any further damage to your property. We treat your property like it was our own and we’ll leave nothing behind, including no signs of a storm. You also can rest easy knowing that our prices will not increase when a storm catosphere arises.

In short, when your property is at its worst, we are at our best. Have further questions about our storm cleanup services? Feel free to reach out to us by clicking here or by giving us a call at 404-252-6448.

Trees That Produce the Best Shade

During a hot, summer day there’s nothing better than hiding from the intense sun underneath a tree. If you dream of lounging outside while swinging on a hammock or enjoying a picnic, finding trees and shrubs that provide large amounts of shade is essential, especially if you live in the south where the heat can be brutal. Or, maybe, you want to plant certain types of flowers or vegetables that grow best in shade and have no way to provide that on your own.

This is where planting the right type of tree comes in. But with many species out there to choose from, how do you know the trees that produce the best shade? The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to make your decision easy.

Feelin’ The Need for Shade? Plant These Trees!

Have further questions about trees that produce the best shade? Our experts are here to help! If you’re interested in utilizing our expertise, feel free to reach out to us by clicking here or by giving us a call at 404-252-6448.