5 Things You Don’t Know About Oak Trees, But Should

Oak-y dokey! Ready to learn all about one of nature’s most awe-inspiring arboreal accomplishments, the mighty oak?

If you’ve always been quercus(curious, obviously) about this grandest of trees, we’ve got you covered here. The fantastic Quercus genus is full of beautiful specimens, thriving all over the world, giving shade and bright color, and never failing to bring a stately touch to landscapes of all types.

Let’s get started.

1. Oaks Are HUGE

Oaks can reach as high as 70 feet or more, with crowns spreading more than 130 from end to end. That’s amazing on a rolling field, but can be dangerous when you plant one ten feet from the house. Take note of final size before putting in that sampling.

2. Oak Trees Will Live Almost Anywhere

It’s true! Very few environments can deter an oak tree … at least, if you live in the contiguous United States. They’ll happily take root anywhere across the continent except for Alaska, and even grow in Hawaii. Whatever your USDA plant hardiness zone, there’s an oak for you, so check it out.

3. Fall Color for All

Oak trees display almost every type of fall color, from pale yellow to orange to deep scarlet to caramel browns. Whatever your yard’s color scheme in autumn, an oak will do. During spring and summer, oak leaves are typically a deep green, and the bare winter branches make a true statement in winter, especially for long-established specimens.

4. Acorns Are Choosy!

Oaks may produce as many as 2,000 acorns every year, but only 1 in 10,000 acorns will turn into a full-grown oak tree.

5. Oak Trees Come in More Than 600 Varieties

The oak genus is one of the most prolific and variable on Earth, with more than 600 species in existence (that we know of). Species may either be deciduous or evergreen.

The bottom line? Oaks are a mainstay of the backyard and garden. Whether you’re looking for bright color, sweeping shade or a sturdy limb from which to hang a tree swing, Quercus has you covered.

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