Get to know Georgia’s beautiful array of trees and how you can take care of your own! Each month, we feature some of the most popular trees in the state. For October, we are showcasing the Shagbark Hickory. Learn all about the Shagbark Hickory below!


Fall Foliage Festival: The 6 Most Colorful Autumn Trees in Georgia

Tree ownership is a lot of work. You have to keep them safe from flooding, check for disease, and so on and so forth. They’re a touch needy sometimes.

But others, trees are a wonderful gift, and a treat for the eyes – such as in fall.

So what are some of the most colorful fall trees here in Atlanta? And how long do they hold on to that brilliant display? Let’s find out.

Leaf Season

Typically, leaf season in Georgia extends for about a month and a half, from late September to early November. Peak season is typically mid- to late October, with trees bursting into a brilliant display of gold, orange, red and deep brown. The length depends on the species, weather that year, and exact climate, but overall trees follow this pattern annually.

Best Fall Trees in Georgia

That said, let’s check out some of the best specimens this time of year:

  1. Red Oak: As the name suggests, Quercus rubra turns a stunning shade in fall, from dark brick to fiery scarlet.
  2. Eastern Redbud: This lovely tree, Cercis canadensis, turns a pale yellow to greenish-gold in fall, offering a pretty backdrop for all those flaming colors.
  3. Black cherry: The deep green leaves of Prunus serotina turn pretty shades of rose and yellow come fall, developing early and clinging to trees long.
  4. Sassafrass: This lower-growing tree, Sassafrass albidum, which tops out at about 60 feet, turns gorgeous shades of yellow, red and purple in fall.
  5. Sweetgum: The native Liquidamber styraciflua puts on an incredible show come fall, with colors ranging across the spectrum, including yellows, oranges, purples and reds.
  6. Sourwood: Oxydendrum arboretum has excellent fall color in shades of deep crimson, with silver flower capsules that cling to the tree and provide contrast all through the season.

Wondering about the health of your trees? Hoping to keep them hale and hearty for years of fall color to come? Here at Premier Tree Solutions, we want to help. In addition to trimming, pruning, branch removal, storm cleanup and stump grinding, our certified arborists will keep your stunning specimens fighting fit all year round.

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And in the meantime, happy fall!

Hardwood Haircuts: Pruning Dos and Don’ts

It’s fall, and that has your fingers itching to prune. With all the chrysanthemum-planting and leaf-raking and ornamental grass-waving, you can’t resist that extra mile of pruning as well.

Before you get started, though, make sure you’re Doing the Thing Correctly. Otherwise, you might be sorry later. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep your trees healthy year-round.

DO: Prune in Winter or Early Spring

While it’s true that some arborists advise fall pruning, it’s not the best approach. Instead, wait until winter when sap isn’t running, and trim up then. There’s much less chance of infection this way.

Plus, pruning stimulates new growth, which isn’t good in fall when trees are trying to go dormant, explains Good Housekeeping. This is confusing for plants, and we’re guessing you don’t have the money to get all of them a good therapist.

DON’T: Top Trees!

If there’s nothing else you take away from this article, it’s do not top trees.

This means cutting off the leader, the vertical stem that juts up from the ground. Even if you think the tree would look better that way, don’t. It stresses the tree, leads to decay, removes food-producing crown foliage, and can even lead to a lawsuit if a weakened tree causes property damage and you’re found responsible. No, no, no!

If a tree has lost its leader through a storm, help it recover using these tips.

DO: Disinfect Tools

When you prune, you want to avoid transmitting disease between trees and shrubs. That means disinfecting your tools between each cut. Get a bucket of rubbing alcohol or Listerine ready, then dip your tool after each trim. Avoid bleach, as this degrades tools significantly.

DON’T: Cut Off the Branch Collar

It’s tempting to prune flush against the tree to preserve a smooth, straight trunk. Don’t do it, though. Cutting off the branch collar makes it harder for the tree to scab over the wound, increasing the risk of infection and potentially compromising your whole tree. Accept that this knobby little beauty is part of your tree forever, and move on.

DO: Get Help!

If you doubt your pruning prowess, let us help! Premier Tree Solutions is a rapidly growing tree removal business based in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in all things arboreal, including tree trimming, pruning, storm cleanup, stump grinding, branch clearing, debris removal and more.

Call 404.252.6448 to schedule some softwood or hardwood haircuts, or in an emergency, dial 404.569.8897. Reach out and we’ll come save you and your trees as quickly as we can!

Premier Tree Solutions Provides Service for President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

While doing work in Andersonville, Georgia for the Secret Service and the National Park Service, Jeff and his Premier Tree Solutions team were called to serve President Jimmy Carter at his compound in Plains, Georgia.

Premier Tree Solutions removed a number of trees that fell on his house and property in the wake of Hurricane Michael, and were honored to provide services for such a president.

Looking for tree help? Contact Premier Tree Solutions today. We specialize in helping tree owners feel secure and help keep their landscapes safe. In addition to protecting trees from wind and floods and other natural disasters, we also do branch thinning and pruning, storm cleanup, tree removal, stump grinding, and more. Call 404.252.6448 for a consultation today, or in an emergency, 404.569.8897.