A tree and its shadow on a sunny day at Vander Veer Park in Iowa, showing trees that produce the best shade.

Trees That Produce the Best Shade

During a hot, summer day there’s nothing better than hiding from the intense sun underneath a tree. If you dream of lounging outside while swinging on a hammock or enjoying a picnic, finding trees and shrubs that provide large amounts of shade is essential, especially if you live in the south where the heat can be brutal. Or, maybe, you want to plant certain types of flowers or vegetables that grow best in shade and have no way to provide that on your own.

This is where planting the right type of tree comes in. But with many species out there to choose from, how do you know the trees that produce the best shade? The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to make your decision easy.

Feelin’ The Need for Shade? Plant These Trees!

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