A house with great curb appeal, a great example on how to boost your overall curb appeal.

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiam: How to Boost Your Overall Curb Appeal

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but who really listens to that advice anyway? That is certainly true when it comes to houses. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just want to be the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way), it’s a great idea to focus on how to boost your overall curb appeal. If you’re wondering what curb appeal is, this term is defined as “the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.”

If you know your house’s curb appeal could use some help, it can be a daunting task if you have no idea where to start. The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to help you tackle the task!

Keep reading below for the top ways you can boost your overall curb appeal without draining your wallet or your free time.

Love Your Lawn


No matter how beautiful the outside of your house is, an unkempt lawn will immediately scare away new buyers or have neighbors turn up their noses. In some neighborhoods, it’s a requirement by the Home Owner’s Association to make sure everything is neat. The good news is that, as long as you keep up with the care, you won’t have to spend an enormous amount of time or money to have a beautiful lawn.

Just do the obvious things: cut the grass, trim the edges and bushes, water everything well, and banish the dead leaves or weeds.

Play With your Landscaping

If you have a bare or boring yard, consider adding value to it by picking up flowers, bushes, and trees to make it sparkle. Not sure what to look for or where to start? The experts at Premier Tree Solutions are here to help!

Time for a Bath

You can tell when it’s time to grab a power wash and give your house a much-needed washing. All that built up grime on the surface of your house, sidewalks, and porch doesn’t have any place on your updated curb appeal. Not only does doing this make the outside of your house actually gleam, but it’s also pretty fun to do.

Finish Those Repairs

Is there a ripped screen in front of one of your windows? What about a light bulb out in the lighting for your porch? Chipped paint somewhere? Those tiny flaws can really stand out to someone putting your house under scrutiny. Don’t give them something to complain about, especially something that is extremely easy to fix. Write a to-do list and get to it!

Outdoor Furniture is a Balance

As much as you don’t want a naked front porch, you also don’t want to overcrowd it or put a lot of junk out there. Consider your space available, colors of your house, and other decorations before picking your outdoor furniture.

Set the Mood With Lighting

You want your house to look smart and feel safe, especially at night time. The perfect way to do that is by picking out the lighting that not only is efficient but also boosts the curb appeal of your house.

To do just that, make sure to do the following:

  • Have all dark areas lit up. Common areas include the sides of the back of your yard. Consider making it a movement sensitive light, so you are never in the dark when trying to get out of your car to the front door.
  • Line your pathways with lights to make walking less dangerous in the dark.
  • Do the extra step and put something decorative out to really add extra sparkle and warmth. Bulb lights around your porch are a fantastic example.

Small Steps Make a Big Difference

Here are some of the smallest, cheapest DIYs you can do to your house that will make a huge impact on your overall curb appeal:

  • Replace old and rusted house numbers with something new and shiny.
  • Dress up your doors with seasonal wreaths.
  • Speaking of doors, consider changing the color of your front one for something bright and fun. When picking an option, make sure to consider the current color scheme of your house.
  • If your mailbox is out of date and damaged, consider swapping it out with something affordable but stylish.
  • Is the color of your garage door really faded? Instead of spending a lot of money to replace it, consider staining or painting it a new color to make it pop.

Premier Tree Solutions has been providing quality, professional tree services to the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas for the past ten years. If you have any more questions about how we can assist you to boost your overall curb appeal, especially when it comes to sprucing up the beautiful trees on your property, pick up the phone and call 404.252.6448.