Don’t Let Trees Become a Thorny Property Issue: Six Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Many business property owners aren’t sure whether this is necessary or if they should just leave trees to their own devices, but the truth is trees are much happier when pruned. Pruning has a host of other benefits as well. Let’s explore them below.

Sign Visibility

The ability to see signs can prevent accidents and vehicle blockages, help people avoid tickets, and streamline traffic in residential neighborhoods and in commercial parks. Always prune branches out of the way.

Building Clearance

People need to be able to get in and out of doorways, walkways or other entrances and exits safely and easily. Overgrown trees can crowd out entrances and make delivery of packages or other errands difficult, especially at commercial buildings. Trees near the roofs of buildings encourage growth of moss on dropped debris, and allow animals’ access to ventilation systems and chimneys via the roof. Keep branches well away from buildings to prevent this.


Parking cars and trucks is hampered when tree branches are hanging into driveways or parking lots. Branches must be trimmed to both stay out of parking spots’ horizontal space and allow enough room for cars to fit underneath them.

Storm Safety

Unpruned, overgrown trees can pose a hazard when winter weather or summer storms hit. Icy weather, for instance, makes trees heavy and more likely to crack at weak joints, while high winds may knock limbs down. Pruning trees helps remove limbs that are growing at improper angles and are most likely to fall off when stressed, especially when done by an expert.

Tree Health

Trees are happier when they have fewer branches to focus on. They can put their energy and resources toward fewer, healthier branches rather than trying to grow a bunch at once.

You Can Get Help

Not sure how to prune trees yourself? No worries! Premier Tree Solutions is fully equipped and experienced at serving both commercial and residential properties. You can trust us to assist you with all your tree needs, so call 404.252.6448 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you!