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When Should You Call in a Tree Expert?

For many homeowners, the DIY route is an economical and sometimes even enjoyable way to tackle yard maintenance. But there are certain tasks that always warrant professional help. Whether it’s to utilize special machinery and equipment, or the expertise only an arborist can provide, here are a few instances when you should call in a professional tree team.

Stump Grinding

Sometimes, homeowners attempt to grind a stump down on their own and quickly realize they won’t get very far. Even the best chainsaws are no match for Mother Nature; a tough trunk is sure to dull your blade at best. At worst, you could sustain serious injuries from flying bark.

Instead of attempting to take this task on yourself, turn to Premier Tree Solutions. We have special equipment built with this very purpose in mind, including a stump grinder that uses high-speed cutting disks to chip away at wood quickly and efficiently.


When to prune, how much to take off, and how to do it safely — these are all questions that homeowners ask themselves when caring for their large trees. Fortunately, our experts not only know the answers, but can perform the task with precision. We have the right skills and equipment for trimming and pruning, including machines like specialized lifts on tracks to access hard-to-reach areas.

Fallen Trees

Removing a fallen tree promptly is important from a safety standpoint, but a downed tree is also a tremendous eyesore. If a tree falls on your property, you may already have other details to worry about, like contacting your homeowner’s insurance and pursuing storm damage repairs. Allow us to handle the task of removing the tree safely and efficiently. Our expert storm cleanup crew can remove uprooted trees and their debris without causing any further damage to your property.

At-Risk Tree or Limb

There are several signs that a tree is at risk of falling. Deep cracks, rot, leaning, pests, and limbs that have dropped or appear to be at risk of dropping are just a few. Don’t leave it to chance by waiting any longer. Not only does an at-risk tree create safety hazards for property and people, but many insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by a tree that was a known danger.

Pest & Disease Control

Trees are subject to pests and diseases that require the right interventions to stop them. Many issues require specialty response measures. While not every tree affected by pests or disease can be saved, professional intervention will stop the problem to prevent further damage to your landscape.

Planting Consultation

Planting new trees can be a financial investment — not to mention the time and effort you’ll put in while doing so. There’s nothing worse than dedicating these resources to your landscape only to have your new saplings die off in a matter of weeks. From the proper soil, to location and care, our experts can guide you through the planning process to give your trees the best chances at successful growth.

No matter your tree care needs, Premier Tree Solutions is the best team for the job. Our professional crew is trusted by homeowners in the Atlanta area for both routine and emergency services. Request your quote today by calling 404-252-6448 or by sending us a message online