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A Year-Long Guide to Taking Care of Your Trees

Once again, it’s time for your New Year’s Tree Solutions, for 2022 and beyond! This year-long guide provides a general list of tree care chores to keep your trees healthy and regal. For more specific information on certain species, visit our Georgia Tree Know-It All series, to give unique types the individualized attention and care they deserve.

As you get into a routine with your trees, this list of seasonal maintenance duties will come in handy.


Tree pruning should be completed from November through March when tree growth is dormant. Proper tree pruning involves several different methods:

  • Cleaning requires you to cut off branches that are dead, dying, or ready to fall off the tree.
  • Thinning involves cutting some branches back to the trunk.
  • Reduction decreases the tree’s height or weight.
  • Structural pruning is a combination of the other three methods.

In the case of extreme cold snaps, you may also want to protect younger saplings with burlap or flannel coverings — so be sure to have a supply ready.


Mulch during the spring season to protect your tree and plant roots from the sun and drought. Do so by May or June with layers that are 3 to 4 inches thick.

Other spring efforts involve creating new homes for insects, birds, and bats among your trees. Birdhouses, bat boxes, beetle banks, and flower gardens all create attractive habitats for natural pest-eaters.

If you choose not to mulch or haven’t blocked out time for it, remember to thoroughly weed around your tree roots. This keeps other plants from stealing your tree’s nutrients.


When there’s ample rain- and snowfall, watering isn’t necessary for trees most of the year. But droughts can be a major detriment to your tree’s health. During these dry periods, both your lawn and trees need a reliable supply of water. For prime moisture conservation on warm days, water in the early morning or after twilight.

Drip lines are an effective, slow approach to watering. But, a good old-fashioned water hose or bucket can also do the job. Keep in mind that different trees can have different moisture needs, so make sure to research each one before hauling out your equipment.


Mulch again on a dry day in October or November to protect your trees from the cold chill of winter winds, snow, and ice. Adding the right fertilizer to your tree’s soil during this time can also boost root health and provide nutrients for the spring.

Keep in mind that early fall is a great time to plant more trees, as it gives roots a chance to stabilize before they go dormant and prepare for a burst of spring activity. If you’re considering a new addition, now is the time to make it!

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