Close up farmer hand giving chemical fertilizer to young tree, highlighting the benefits of fertilizer for trees.

Could Your Tree Benefit From Fertilizer?

If you’re a homeowner, you likely understand the importance of caring for the trees on your property. While many people are good about checking for pests and keeping their trees pruned, many others don’t know that using fertilizer can also be a great step in their tree-care routine.

First Things First, Do You Need Fertilizer?

Some trees may not have a need for fertilizer, because the soil around them is already packed with all the necessary nutrients. Consider these factors when deciding if you could boost your tree’s health with fertilizer.


  • Is your yard regularly fertilized? If so, there’s no need to add additional fertilizer around your trees. 
  • Do your trees show signs of poor health? If your trees exhibit any of these symptoms, it’s possible fertilizer could help.
  • Test your soil! You can order your own kit to do just that. This process allows you to see first-hand the elements in your soil and if your trees might need some extra nutrients.
  • Are your trees not fully grown yet? Using fertilizer is an amazing way to ensure they grow to be as full and large as they can possibly be. 

Pick the Right Kind

Since there are many different brands and types of fertilizers out there, it can be a pain to figure out what type is right for you. Luckily, we’ve put together this guide on the best and worst types of fertilizers for your trees. Check it out to get a head start on the sometimes-overwhelming processes of selecting the best option!

So, When Should I Apply Fertilizer? 

The best time to apply fertilizer for your trees is during the early spring, when they aren’t facing times of overwatering or drought. It’s also the time when their roots are growing the most and when your soil has the most nutrients available. 

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