Callery Pear Tree

What is that Smell? Meet the Callery Pear Tree

Dear Callery Pear Tree: What’s Your Deal?

The Callery pear, or Pyrus calleryana, is native to the Far East. It has a lovely shape and is a visually interesting plant year round. In fall, it turns gorgeous shades of fiery orange, red, and purple. In summer, it is covered in lacy green leaves, and in winter its bare branches outline a nice, round, even crown. In spring, white blossoms cover it from head to toe.

Only problem? El Stencho.

The scent of the Callery pear has been compared to chlorine, locker rooms, bleach water, and worse. It wouldn’t be gentlemanly for us to discuss some of the other comparisons but trust us: it’s bad. Of course, if you have a Callery pear in your yard, you don’t need anyone to tell you that: you’ve already experienced it in spring.

The Limb-Dropping Leviathan

Another downside of the Callery pear is how quickly it grows. This is one of the main reasons it is often used as a landscape tree because it fills in quickly, but it creates dangers as well. Plants that grow quickly don’t have time to develop strong crotches, and tend to drop limbs due to wind, snow, and ice. They’re also fairly invasive and compete with native trees up and down the east coast.

Good Riddance to Putrid Plants

Ready to get rid of that Callery pear for good? We can help. Premier Tree Solutions is a growing tree removal business in Atlanta. In addition to storm cleanup, branch clearing, trimming and pruning, we can also get that pesky tree out of your yard once and for all. If you’re tired of the stench of old bleachers and pool water, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

If you don’t mind putting up with the smell and other downsides in exchange for what is definitely a beautiful tree, that’s just fine. Give us a call for trimming and pruning instead. That way, you can keep the plant in check before its insane growth rate can endanger your property or family. Either way, we can help!