4 Tips to Get Your Yard Under Control

Ever have that feeling like a chore will own you for the rest of time? Like you’ve put it off for so long that the monkey on your back is probably permanently attached? No, we’re not talking about going to the dentist. (Although, definitely go to the dentist.) We’re talking about your yard. If it’s out of control and you don’t know what to do, here are four steps to take immediately.

  1. Clear Some Space 

Before you do anything else, you need to create a little visual space in your yard by decluttering the landscape. Until you do that, it’s hard to even to see what you’re dealing with. Steps include:

  • Call a donation service to get rid of cars, appliances, or other outmoded technology
  • Pick up and donate or toss old pots, toys, disused plastic chairs, etc.
  • Clear away brush and undergrowth

Once you take these simple steps, you might be amazed how much more clearly you can think.

  1. Trim Grass

Again, this relatively simple (if not easy) step will do wonders for your visual serenity. Get the mower running and trim the grass. Don’t trim it all the way down to nothing, though, because that can damage it. Instead, make several passes over a few-week span, going shorter each time. This gives the grass time to regroup and adjust.

  1. Pull Weeds

Getting weeds out of the picture is the next step. At first, the mere appearance of bare soil will be delightful. Next, you’ll realize … hey! I can plant things there!

  1. Call in the Pros for Tree Care

Now that you’ve cleaned up the property pretty well, it’s time to take care of your branching beauties. Trees with dead, withered, or rotting boughs can pose a serious danger to people and possessions – as well as the tree itself. Even if you don’t have dangerous deadwood, pruning is still critical. Chances are good, if you haven’t deal with the yard for a while, your trees will need a full inspection.
That’s where Premier Tree Solutions comes in. We will give your yard a thorough once over, recommending the right moves for all trees and shrubs. We can also offer help with clearing away brush and debris, removing and grinding stumps, and more. If you’re ready to take back ownership of your garden, call today or contact us here.