Fruit-Bearing and Flower-Blooming: Tree Care for All

While both are lovely options for your garden, fruit and flower trees have different needs if they’re to live long and healthy lives. The most important aspect of caring for fruit trees, obviously, is making sure they produce the maximum amount of large, fully ripe fruit. Flowering trees, on the other hand, are prized for their showy blooms in the spring, summer, or even fall. Perfect your care routine and you’ll get the most out of each for life.

Prune for Effect

Your pruning goals vary with the type of tree being pruned. Flowering trees are valued for the huge show they put on in spring or summer. If they bloom in spring, you should prune them directly after the blooms fade, whereas summer-flowering trees should be pruned in winter after the coldest weeks have passed. Remove branches that don’t add to the overall shape and beauty of the tree.

Fruit trees, however, should be pruned for the best production. That means removing all but a few of the upright limbs, leaving enough for photosynthesis and creating a light and bright canopy. Horizontal limbs, which are usually the ones that bear the most fruit, should be cleared out enough to create more light and airflow. Reducing crowding also ensures the tree has enough resources to offer toward each fruit, which will result in the tastiest fruit.

Water When Necessary

Fruit and flower trees have similar watering needs, with one exception: fruit trees need lots of water while they’re setting fruit, or else their goods will be small and dry. No bueno. Here’s a handy guide to watering, which you can follow for both types. In addition, ensure that fruits such as peaches, apricots, apples, and cherries get a thorough soaking whenever the top 10 inches of soil go dry.  

Fertilize Well

Fertilizing is roughly equivalent for fruit and flowering trees as well. Flowering trees should be fertilized in early spring, while fruit trees can be fertilized multiple times starting in spring and until midsummer.  

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