Woven colourful handcrafted yarn mandala outdoors in sunset time, highlighting Fun and Harmless Ways to Decorate Your Trees.

Fun and Harmless Ways to Decorate Your Trees

Trees are beautiful. From their shining green leaves to the stunning flowers or fruit they produce, there’s nothing as great as a tree to decorate your landscape. But, if you’re hoping to really make your yard pop, you can take the embellishing of your property a step further by sprucing up your trees with accessories.

Here are some of our favorite fun and harmless ways to decorate your trees. 

Bird Feeders 

Want to encourage the birds you see around your property to stay around? Hang a bird feeder from your tree! Depending on what species you have in your yard, you can get a variety of kinds that will feed all of your chirping friends. Don’t forget to all put out a hummingbird feeder to give some substance to the smaller species. 

Wind Chimes 

There’s nothing quite as calming as when a gentle breeze kicks up the leaves on your trees. What would make it even better is if you dangled some wind chimes from the branches. That way you’ll add some musical notes along with the gorgeous nature sounds. 

There are countless examples of wind chimes out there in all styles of art. If you love to craft, you can even make your own! A quick search will show many guides for how to build wind chimes, no matter what aesthetic you’re going for. 

Holiday Fun 

Of course, what would this list be if we didn’t talk about the best time of year to decorate trees: the holidays! Whether you’re stringing lights through the branches for Christmas or hanging a witch from the trunk during Halloween, we really encourage you to get creative, no matter the season. 

Don’t think you only have to decorate during the biggest holidays, either. Have fun during Memorial Day or St. Patrick’s Day too. 

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