Trees blown over in the rainy weather, highlight How Weather Can Impact Your Tree Removal.

How Weather Can Impact Your Tree Removal

When it comes to getting a tree removed, lots of planning and logistics are involved. That all starts with reaching out to a professional like Premier Tree Solutions to assess your tree and your property for removal. 

A less commonly understood step, is assessing weather conditions on the day you’ve selected to have a tree removed. Storms, rain, and even wind can impact the tree removal process, so this factor is an extremely important one! Learn more below about how weather can impact your tree removal. 

What Kind of Weather Do I Need for Tree Removal? 

Unfortunately, storms, high winds, and even light rain usually means the tree removal process will have to be rescheduled. In most instances, a tree cannot be taken away unless the weather is very calm and mild. That means little to no rain, no wind, and certainly no storms or snow. 

Why? The answer points back to the tree removal process itself and those who do the hard work. Tree removal itself can be a dangerous process. Depending on the tree, this can mean people are scaling great heights to cut down sections of it at a time. A person cannot do that safely in stormy, windy, or rainy conditions.

That means the best weather for the tree removal process is a sunny or overcast calm day. If you wake up on your tree removal day and see that outside, you’ll be good to go. If not, you might need to reschedule. Those who are doing the removal process will certainly be in touch to let you know if things need to be moved. 

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