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Jack Frost starting to bite? Here’s How to Keep Trees Safe from Cold

Even in traditionally warm parts of the country, the winter can bring some pretty dang severe weather. If you’re worried about your trees when Jack Frost starts to bite, here are several steps to take to ensure they stay safe over the long haul. So put on those earmuffs and go make sure your woody winners are safe!

1. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Mulch performs a huge variety of tree-related services. It keeps water in, prevents weeds from growing and competing for resources (or looking unsightly), and protects delicate roots near the surface from animals. However, one of its most important tasks is to keep soil warm. This makes it much less likely that roots will die off, which in turn ensures the tree’s ability to get enough water.

2. Water Before a Cold Front Hits

Did you know trees are almost as susceptible to drying out in winter as in summer? Even though the sun’s heat doesn’t beat down this time of year, the air is often very dry. Without the protective humidity, trees give up tons of water through their leaves, which can then dry out and curl up, damaging or even killing trees … especially if they’re young.

Watering before a cold spell can help a lot. Not only does this ensure your tree is hydrated, it protects roots, since moist soil retains and radiates heat much more effectively than dry dirt. Get a soil probe and use this guide to ensure you water to the proper depth.

3. Wrap Trunks

Trees suffer damage when temperatures alternate between warmth and cold. The former makes them expand, while the latter shrinks them, resulting in cracking.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of the best ways to protect trees is to wrap their trunks. This is especially important with young trees or those that have very thin bark (think birches, for example). You can get wraps at a garden supply store or order them online. Be sure to wrap trunks before the cold rolls in, and leave them on throughout the winter.

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