Beautiful home with landscaped yard. These homeowners didn't make any mistakes choosing a tree removal company.

Don’t Be That Homeowner: Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a Tree Company

When researching which company to rely on for tree problems on your property, it’s easier than you think to turn to the wrong company. Rather than choosing the cheapest, closest option, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing a professional, high-quality group that does everything they can to take care of you and your property.

See below for five important considerations you may be overlooking when choosing a tree company:

  1. Insurance: Make sure the tree company you’re considering is insured to perform tree work. Verify via phone with the insurance company that the tree company has the needed full coverage (WC, GL, Auto, Umbrella) and that it’s current. The three most important areas of coverage are general liability (covers your home and property), workers compensation (covers employees), and automotive coverage (vehicles are insured). Also ensure they have appropriate limits.
  2. Skilled workers: It’s important to make sure that the company focuses on and has tree work expertise and does not combine other services (ex: landscaping, hardscaping, fence installation, etc).
  3. Proper tools and equipment: Cranes, chippers, proper rigging gear, trucks and loaders to remove heavy wood – some companies don’t invest in the latest equipment to ensure the job can be done properly, efficiently, and with minimal damage to property. Hence, this can end up costing a homeowner more money in the long run if a job doesn’t get completed efficiently.
  4. Certified arborists: Having a professional talk to you about the best options for your trees is preferred over someone who just wants to cut down your trees without question. In many instances, the arborist may be able to save or prune the tree versus cutting it down.
  5. Internet reviews: Take the time to check out the company’s website and reviews – does their website reflect professionalism? Do they have 4+ stars? Everyone can get a bad review from time to time, but was there a response to the negative review? Responding and handling negative reviews can say a lot about the company and how they value customer satisfaction.

Premier Tree Solutions guarantees they have you covered on the points mentioned above. No matter how big or small your tree problem is, contact the pros at Premier Tree Solutions today to get a free estimate. We’re looking forward to serving you!