No Thanks to Aggressors: Show Tree Roots Who’s Boss

If you’ve been wondering what to do about aggressive tree roots in your yard, it’s time to make a change. While it’s important not to just start hacking at roots willy-nilly – as this can introduce infection and make saving the tree less likely – there are ways to take care of those pesky roots that are buckling your sidewalk or threatening your foundation. Try the following tips!

1. Avoid Cutting Roots Great Than Two Inches in Diameter

Unfortunately, large roots pose a greater problem than smaller ones, because the tree relies on them so much. When roots are greater than two inches in diameter, it’s important to call in an expert to deal with them for you. If they’re smaller than that, however, feel free to take care of it yourself.

2. Cut As Far from the Trunk as Possible

When you do cut tree roots, try to cut as far from the trunk as you can. This makes it more likely the tree will heal cleanly and go on to live a healthy life. Once again, if you find it necessary to cut close to the trunk, you should call in expert tree caretakers to do the job as cleanly as possible.

3. Cut Roots Cleanly

Never use a saw or dull shears to cut tree roots. Rough cuts encourage infection, which can kill the tree. Instead, expose the root all the way, and then lop through it cleanly with a pair of loppers.

4. Treat Your Tree with Love Afterward

Tree root pruning is traumatic to trees, no matter how good a job you do. After the trim, be sure to water and mulch your tree, so it can get back to good health as soon as possible. Then watch for signs of infection.

In the end, though, you may find that you need a professional to help with your tree root problem without killing the tree. Premier Tree Solutions is a successful tree removal business in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in a number of tree and shrub care areas, including tree and shrub removal, trimming and pruning, storm cleanup, branch clearing and debris removal, Bobcat work and stump grinding.

For your root-related problems, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. Don’t let aggressive tree roots be the boss of you any longer! Call us at 404-252-6448 or contact us here.