Close up of Christmas tree, showing off how to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires .

Only YOU Can Prevent Christmas Tree Fires This Holiday Season

You may have seen similarly tragic headlines on the news before, especially around the holiday season: Christmas tree fire burns down home just before the holidays. In fact, between the years 2013-2017, there was an average of 160 Christmas tree-related home fires started each year.

If you get a Christmas tree every year and would like to keep your house from going up in flames this holiday season, keep reading below to learn how to prevent Christmas tree fires.

Do This to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

  • Pick the best, healthiest tree you possible can. If you need advice on how to do just that, click here to read our blog with the best tips and tricks.
  • Avoid, at all costs, lit candles for decorations on the tree.
  • Keep the tree away from all heat sources by at least three feet. This includes fireplaces, candles, and heaters.
  • Make sure that the tree has water at all times. A dried-out tree will burn much quicker than a hydrated one.
  • Don’t hold onto your tree longer than necessary. Get rid of this fire hazard as soon as Christmas is over.
  • The lights should not be turned on if you are not there or not in the room. On top of this, make sure to use proper lights that are tested and produced by trusted companies.
  • Have a fake tree? Make sure yours is fire retardant so that it doesn’t help to spread any fires in your home.

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