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Trees: An Oxygen Tank for Mother Earth

Breathing: kind of important, right? Unfortunately, with myriad sources continually releasing chemicals and poisons into the air, not to mention the increasing rate of deforestation, the simple act of breathing is becoming more and more difficult.  

Trees can help us there, counteracting ground pollution and an increasingly damaged atmosphere. Think of them as an oxygen tank or a rescue inhaler for the Earth, helping to deal with the increasing levels of “asthma” that affect our world.

How Do Trees Improve the Environment?

Most people know that trees produce oxygen, injecting this life-giving gas into the atmosphere with every exhale (yes, trees exhale!). In fact, according to North Carolina State University, a large tree can produce enough oxygen every day for four people to breathe.

Trees provide another important service as well, and that’s managing carbon dioxide. All plants breathe in carbon dioxide, and trees are no exception. Even more importantly, they then store it in the ground, a process known as carbon sequestration. This takes carbon out of the air, helping reduce the greenhouse effect and global warming as a whole.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Habitat (or Your Favorite Squirrel’s)

Moreover, trees provide habitat for animals of all shapes and sizes. They even provide many other plants a place to call home, as ferns, mosses, and seedlings grow on their branches or in the little pockets formed by branching limbs. Each tree added to the biome helps to make up for those that are being removed at a rapid rate to make room for housing, pasture, and other human pursuits.

In other words, trees work endlessly to improve their surrounding environment and increase the quality of life for all of us who live here on this Third Rock from the Sun.

Want to Do Your Part? Plant Trees

If you care about helping the Earth, your family, and yourself, there’s one simple thing you can do: plant trees. Of course, it’s easier said than done to properly plant then nurture and care for a tree, which is where Premier Tree Solutions comes in.

We’re a growing tree removal business based in Atlanta, Georgia, and we specialize in all things arboreal. We not only help with removal, but our services also include pruning and trimming, handling emergency storm damage, clean up, and assisting with branch clearing, stump grinding, and debris removal. No matter what you need to beautify your landscape, we can help – so get in touch today. Give us a call at 404-252-6448 or contact us here.